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First Look: The New Renwick Hotel is Bringing Artistry Back to Midtown New York The hotel commissioned rising artist Gregory Siff, who splits his time between Los Angeles and New York, to paint a mural (seen at left) in the lobby. Known for his unique, graffiti-like style that blurs the lines between Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Street Art, Siff’s work at the Renwick is, at once, emotional, immediate, and personal—a nod to the creative and conceptual thoughts of an artist at work.

Surface Top 7 Happenings in Art, Design and Beyond The Renwick, a New Hotel in New York City- In designing the new art-focused Renwick hotel, New York architects Stonehill & Taylor took cues from the 1928 edifice’s past: a long-stay residence that housed F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Mann, and John Steinbeck. The 173 rooms evoke its creative history with easel-inspired television stands, patterned carpets that mimic paint splattered concrete, and hand-painted stools. The public spaces are outfitted with original works by local artists, including a mural by Brooklyn-born Gregory Siff.” 

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